Hey! I’m a technology architect specializing in enterprise IT strategy and solutions. As an Intranet Manager for a Higher Education institution, I dabble in both the technical and organizational aspects of IT. I like the nuts-and-bolts work with M365 tools, such as SharePoint Online, Teams, and Power Automate, as well as broader Office 365 administration. I also enjoy helping to create the business processes and people conditions necessary for effective implementations. With an emphasis on the big picture, I’m at my best when working with employee groups and teams, helping them find hidden value in the processes and digital artifacts they thought they knew. On a personal note, I like bourbon more than most people. By that, I mean that I like bourbon more than most people like bourbon. But I also mean that I like bourbon more than I like most people. I kid of course! Also, college basketball and horse racing are big in my area so I’ve developed a taste for both.

Technology is an amplifier. Turn it to eleven, please.